Friday, March 28, 2008

Sewing Room Friday

Since the spinning wheel didn't arrive as planned on Wednesday (my friend was out of town and didn't get back in time to pack it up and send it to work with her hubby), I ended up deciding to spend some time making some new spring clothes.

Sadly, I gained a few pounds over the winter and most of my spring/summer clothing doesn't fit right now. So I'm taking some of the sewing mojo I recovered doing costume work for Beauty and the Beast and am making myself a new spring wardrobe. So far, I've altered one pattern (nothing fits me right out of the package - grrr) and started on a couple a-line skirts. I've also picked up a couple 99 cent Simplicity patterns at Joann Fabrics for tops and shorts and will be making more tops and bottoms. I plan on assembly line sewing multiple pieces, just for efficiency sake.

Stay tuned for some more FO's in the near future. I'm on a roll!


trek said...

I wish that I had your sewing outlook. I can do minor alterations and things with straight seams but curvy stuff sort of makes me nervous. And then they don't come out so well due to the nerves.

I should work on that ;o)

Sheepish Annie said...

A new spring wonderful! Just don't get too crazy. Weight comes off, too. Of course then you'll get to make more new stuff!

WeeBit Wonky said...

A SPINNING WHEEL!! I need to catch up here! You're getting a spinning wheel? Me too! I mean, I already did. Have you seen her?? I think her name is Magdalena
You are going to love this new addiction... I mean addition.
~ Robyn

Ellen said...

You'll be getting shapelier (is that really a word?) from all that pedal pushing on your sewing machine and the spinning wheel! Just think of it as a fitness program.