Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Squeeee, part deux

It's been a busy week at Chez Squeee! this week.
To begin the week, a very close friend who also happens to be my hairstylist informed me that she was back to work at a local salon. Now, because she had been on hiatus from hair cutting for awhile, I'd been on hiatus from getting a hair cut and coloring for far too long. To say that I looked like a hippy-ish rag mop would be an understatement. My hair was long, jagged and very washed-out looking. I was very close to stopping in at the local chain shop just to have them hack the mess off when she called. WHEW! So Monday afternoon was spent cutting, coloring, waxing and generally beautifying.

I feel so pretty!

Besides being spring break this week, it is also Bubba's (she's DD#2) 9th birthday this week. So we've taken a few day trips around the area, including to the local mall for a movie and a birthday spending spree. While at the mall, I managed to sneak a little shoe shopping in for myself. As a result, I picked up the long-desired new clogs which will show off the Sweetheart Socks to perfection. These are new Dansko clogs. I am a very frugal person by nature, but I don't skimp on shoes. Having knee and back problems, I've learned that good, supportive shoes are a must and these fit the bill perfectly. So perfectly that I bought the same clogs in black, too.

I feel really pretty!

Now, if the spinning wheel gets delivered tonight, as originally planned, there'll be some wild hair flipping and happy dancing in new clogs goin' on around here.



Carissa said...

Cute shoes! I hope you get the wheel tonight! I love mine, and I would love to see another one bitten by the spinning bug!

livnletlrn said...

Ooh, those clogs are sweet! I hope you're spinning by now!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Pretty is good! Very, very good! I'd say you should be dancing and hair flipping all over the place. There's nothing like a new do and a shoe or two to make things all happy!

Rani said...

A whole plateful of yumminess! Love the shoes! And . . . a spinning wheel!?? Will the madness ever stop!?