Sunday, February 11, 2007

Comfort knitting, Samus surgery and hockey, oh my!

Since Samus is recovering from surgery and I needed a portable project, not to mention some comfort knitting this weekend, I started Elfine in Nodding Violet Socks That Rock on Friday. Since Hockeyboy had a tournament in St. Paul all weekend, I had lots of commuting time to spend knitting on socks. I am very happy with the pattern, since it is a pretty simple lace pattern to memorize and it's working up fairly dense and warm in the STR.

I did remove the sleeves on Samus. I haven't re-blocked the sleeves yet, since we've been running around town all weekend but hope to get them blocked yet this evening. I tried on the sweater without the sleeves and modeled it for DH and DS#1, both of which informed me that I just don't look good in vests. Hockeyboy said I looked like a biker chick and it was NOT a good look for me. After a close look in the mirror, I have to agree that this particular sweater is too bulky to be worn without the sleeves (although I think I biker chick look was a stretch - do biker chicks wear lambswool/mohair vests with Celtic braid trim?). Therefore, I'm going to try re-blocking the sleeves first. If that doesn't not remove enough width and length, I'm going to bite the bullet and unravel the sleeves part way down and re-knit with smaller needles. Fortunately, I have one whole skein and two half skeins of yarn left, so if I can't salvage the yarn from the sleeves, I should still have enough to re-do the sleeves anyway.

On the hockey tournament front, we had a good weekend. The boys handily won the first two games of the tournament. However, they were just out-shot today in the championship game. Hockeyboy was a trooper and played all weekend with a heavy heart, so I'm proud of him and the 2nd place trophy he brought home because it was the hardest earned trophy of his young life. When he wanted to stay home and grieve, he got up and played because his team needed him. And he played HARD! He left it all on the ice and that took guts.

Don't tell my Hysterical Mind but I suspect Hockeyboy is becoming a Hockeyman.


Sheepish Annie said...

Biker chicks wear leather vests. Celtic braid trim detracts from the flaming skull tattoos.

I don't know about you, but my Hysterical Mind finds out about everything anyway. Sometimes it is better to just tell her and get it over with. And, you know? I think she'd be pretty proud of your Hockey Boy. (even when he is well and truly a man, he can still be your hockey boy!)

Guinifer said...

Oh, you made me cry thinking of that young man of yours playing so hard, when he just wanted to be sad.

The socks look amazing, and I am sure that Samus will fall into line when you crack the whip just a little...