Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quick picture post

Busy day, hard day, sad day. Rocky's condition continues to deteriorate but he has to know he is surrounded by love. We're busy saying our good-byes because we know it won't be long now, whether nature takes it's course or we decide that he's suffering and it's time to release him.

While holding vigil, I managed to finish the Hockeyboy Socks last night. DS#1 promptly put them on and has not taken them off since. He decided on the length of the cuff and has pronounced them perfect, since he hates long socks. Who am I to argue?

Samus is seamed and I'm busy finishing the applied I-cord edging, in preparation for putting in the zipper. It's a thin silver lining to this cloud of grief and parting but precious to me have been the hours of quiet waiting and watching over this precious pet. The finished cardigan and socks will always be a sweet reminder of the special bond I shared with this most beloved of pets.

My DD#1 also managed to snap a picture of Koda enjoying the new pet bed. She likes to experiment with the camera and arranged the blanket and stuffed animals in the background to make it artistic. You can't see much of the pet bed itself but you can tell by the look on Koda's face that she's very happy with it.

This post is kind of scattered but that's kind of how I feel. Life is going on as usual around this little whirlpool of pain and grief. It leaves me a little dizzy and discombobulated but there is a small amount of comfort in the idea that tomorrow will come and life will go on. In the meantime, all I can do is go with the flow.


Sheepish Annie said...

Continuing to keep you and Rocky in my thoughts.

The HockeyBoy socks are looking great and Koda's look of contentment speaks for itself. Nice job!

Guinifer said...

The kitty pi is purrrfect!
Hockey boy's socks turned out great! (He won't wear them in the skates will he?)

Hopefully, Rocky's pain will end soon and he can go peacefully...