Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grand Prix Kudos

Tonight was our Awana Grand Prix and we had a great night. DD#1 is my only Truth and Training member right now, so she was the only one eligible to make and race a car this year. Since this was her last year in Awana, she went all out, hoping to win in the design category.

Without trying, she came up with a very fast car. It actually made for an exciting night, watching her car consistently place high in the standings and rack up high speeds. Ironically, by the end of the night, she placed 4th in speed. She also took 2nd in the People's Choice voting but didn't win anything in the design competition.

What pleases me most is she designed this car herself, and did almost all the work herself. The only help she received was with power tools that her Dad doesn't allow her to operate, like the table saw and the drill. In fact, she kept me in the dark about the whole design until the day before the weigh in, when she there was a critical problem with her aquarium and she needed a replacement - fast! I had to sacrifice one the drawers from an organizer in my craft room to work as her new tank, but I think it was worth it. We all had a blast watching the races and seeing her joy as she won a medal. You go, girl!

On the knitting front, the Elfine socks are done and have been worn already. I haven't snapped a picture of them yet but will try to get some up soon. I'm already to the gusset shaping on another pair of socks but I'll wait to fill you in on the details until later. After careful evaluation, I came to a tough decision and decided to frog the sleeves of Samus and take out some length. So Samus has been ripped and put back on the needles but I haven't found the pattern (I'm a bit disorganized) so that I can re-work the shoulder shaping. I haven't forgotten my resolution knitting but am so close, I am giving myself permission to continue sock knitting and gift knitting, because Samus is just too big to drag around to dance and hockey anyway.

Well, it's late and we're all celebrating DD#1's win with ice cream - as soon as I dish it up. Got to go!


Sheepish Annie said...

Congrats to DD! What a creative idea...

I think that resolutions are really just guidelines designed to get us to a certain goal. Life makes you shift things around a bit. Samus will get done and meanwhile you'll have some good traveling projects to work on.

Guinifer said...

Awesome car!!!!

It'll be worth the re-knit if you are happier with Samus when it's done!!