Thursday, February 08, 2007

Samus woes

I've shared in the past that I have problems fitting sweaters. Usually the problem occurs around the bust line, since I happen to wear a D cup and am very short. But this time, the bodice seems to fit fine and the issue seems to be the sleeves.

Granted, this is a poor photograph because I have only finished the applied I-cord half-way around the body, so the front looks a little cock-eyed. But the sleeves! They are way too huge and bulgy. And the weight of them is pulling the shoulders seam way out of line.

So my options are: 1) wait until I finish the I-cord and then wash the whole sweater and try and re-block it in one piece, hoping the sleeves will shrink down because I was too aggressive in my blocking; or 2) remove the sleeves completely and wash and try to re-block to a smaller size; or 3) unravel the sleeves and re-knit to a smaller size; or 4) remove the sleeves, put I-cord around the armholes and make it a vest.

Because there is mohair in this yarn, I am afraid that if I wash the sweater and re-block the whole thing, I won't be able to unseam it. Mohair felts if you breath on it, so it's going to be a challenge to unseam it anyway.

Thus, I suspect that once the I-cord is done, I will be doing some significant sweater surgery. After all, this is a way too gorgeous pattern and yarn to sacrifice because the sleeves seem to have gained all the holiday weight I didn't. The challenge will be to see if the out of proportion sleeves are due to poor blocking or a gauge change from the bodice to the sleeves. And then I'll have to decide it I want a cardigan enough to fix the sleeves or if Samus is just destined to be a vest. Right now, with STR yarn in my stash, waiting for me to finish Samus to complete my New Years Resolution, a vest is sounding mighty attractive to me!

I even have another idea for the leftover sleeves . . .


Sheepish Annie said...

And those are not sleeves that you can just roll up either...way to pretty!! Good luck with the reconstructive surgery. I'm sure you will find the solution!

livnletlrn said...

Oh, ack...yeah, those sleeves are a challenge, but the bodice looks fantastic! Sounds like you already have a plan and definitely that color is too gorgeous to give up on this project now.