Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lots of work - no photographic proof

I've been working like a maniac today on a couple of projects. Since there has been a marathon of Academy Award Best Picture Winners on since yesterday on AMC, I've been crafting up a storm. But I haven't wanted to take a break to document any of it with photos.

I've enjoyed a number of classic films that I'm actually ashamed to say I've never watched before, like Ben Hur and Bridge Over the River Kwai. I've also made tremendous progress on a couple of projects.

For instance, I was inspired by Sheepish Annie to pull out my spindle again and give plying a try. I read an article here and got some good ideas to help me figure out how to ply with a spindle. I now have two hanks of 2 ply yarn drying under tension. I fear I may have over-spun them a bit but since it is my first yarn, I'll be a satisfied with it, regardless. Once the yarn is dry, I'll post a picture and give some wpi and yardage details.

I am also plugging away on my first knee-high socks. I'm nearly finished and hope to have FO photos sometime tomorrow.

I am also still working on my stealth project, in little bits of time, here and there, when my hands need a rest from the small needles used on socks.

Well, the second to last regular season hockey game starts in a little more than an hour, so we're off to the rink - again. Time to grab the socks and go!

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Sheepish Annie said...

My plying went a bit awry...things got somewhat tangled. But the yarn was a test run so I'm feeling pretty good about the whole experiment overall.

Can't wait to see how your spindle-spun came out! I'm very much into the whole process right now...