Saturday, February 03, 2007

Onward and Upward

Nothing picture-worthy to report - yet. Samus is in the process of being seamed. I still have to set in the sleeves and purchase the zipper and grosgrain ribbon but am hoping to finish those steps (and hopefully, the whole sweater) this weekend.

Hockeyboy Socks are progressing, with several more bands of colors having been added last night during some great Oscar winning musicals on TCM last night. I got to enjoy both Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in the same evening because Cover Girl and Funny Face were shown, back-to-back. What a delightful combination of movies!

I am wondering, though, how long to make the cuffs on the Hockeyboy Socks. I'm assuming a good long crew is the way to go but is there a standard measurement for that in men's socks? Or should I just eyeball it? This slip-stitch pattern tends to want to bunch a bit, so I'm concerned that it's going to want to scrunch down around his ankles. I may end up buying a sock blocker and blocking the daylights out of these socks to eliminate the sagging tendency. I'm also mulling over the possibility of adding a little elastic to the ribbing to add a little insurance. With a little hard work, however, these socks should be finished within the week, so my resolution will have been fulfilled and I'll be ready to move onto something totally new and exciting.

I'm still dreaming about what that new and exciting may look like and have a whole bunch of ideas floating around my head. A pair of socks from my STR is definitely in the cards, but which pattern is still open to debate. And I'm searching high and low for the perfect pattern for the Shimmer. I have a strong candidate in the book Luxury Knits but it requires two strands held together. Given the color changes in Shimmer, I don't want to use two strands of it held together. So I'm pondering the idea of mixing it with yet another color. Perhaps a pure white, to bring it into a more pastel shade, or a color that is in the yarn that will push it more in the color direction I want it to go. Or I may just swatch with a single strand and see how it turns out. My goal is to make a garment that is shawl-like in it's appearance, without being a shawl. Still need to let this one simmer on the back burner.

It is so much fun just to dream. And I need dreams right now. Rocky is holding his own but still needs frequent care to keep him comfortable. It is difficult but pouring through knitting patterns and fondling yarn while keeping vigil helps - a little.


Guinifer said...

Isn't it amazing how those furry loved ones can hang on? Keep dreaming and take comfort in loving the little guy.

Sheepish Annie said...

I prefer a longer sock and can only imagine that a boy-sock should have a bit more cuff as well. I like the idea of a little elastic. My socks are always a bit droopy by day's end.

Still thinking good thoughts for you as you comfort Rocky. You are a good mom!