Thursday, February 01, 2007

FO's a-flying off the needles!

Samus is off the needles, washed and blocking as I type. I'm pleased as punch with the finished units and am waiting with baited breath to seam everything up and try it on.

I've had issues with fit in the past. Blocky sweater styles don't ever seem to work for me, being a full-figured gal. But I took a chance on this pattern, hoping that if I made it a bit snug, it would compensate. Since it has a zipper, I don't have to worry about that ever annoying gap that button-front cardigans inevitably have. Keep your fingers crossed for me, friends!

My DS#1, a knitter himself, wandered in as I was pinning the sweater out and commented that he really liked the sweater. He asked how I made the cable band on the bottom go sideways. A quick answer on my part sufficed. I am so proud that he understands enough about knitting to comprehend a brief explanation. He is currently trying to master cables on his own, disdaining to use a pattern and trying to concoct his own free-form design. Both the older kids knit while listening to history CD's and read-alouds, so they get plenty of practice on their knitting.

On the kitty front, Rocky continues to deteriorate, with additional symptoms showing up daily. I won't gross you out with all the nasty details of the veterinary attention that I am providing on an hourly basis. Since he has hated the vet clinic and strangers all his life, we had opted a number of years ago to stop taking him into a clinic. Instead, with the help of a sympathetic vet, we have been treating him at home for progressive kidney disease. Today, I was blessed to get the help of a vet that makes house calls in our area. She did not end up coming out today but was able to talk me through a procedure to make Rocky more comfortable in the time he has remaining. It is definitely a struggle providing such intensive care for a beloved pet but I am so thankful for a vet that understands our wishes to let our pet die in his home instead of a pet hospital.

Thank you, everyone who has posted here and e-mailed me with your gracious support and encouragement. It helps, immensely.

Ironically, Rocky won't have anything to do with the new kitty bed. My DH insists it is because it is pink. Koda, however, loves it. She has spent a lot of time sleeping in it, while keeping vigil by Rocky's side. Whenever she can sneak into Rocky's haven in our bathroom/closet, she curls up in the kitty bed and stays near him. We've had to lock her out at times because we've needed to medicate some of Rocky's food but I think that her devotion to her companion is so sweet. So having her claim the kitty bed for her own doesn't bother me a bit. She deserves a reward for being so faithful to her old buddy in his last days. Besides, she looks very pretty in pink.


Guinifer said...

Hugs to you and Rocky.

I'd love to try out your boxing class - I'll have to call and find out when their beginner classes are!

Sheepish Annie said...

Samus is looking good and I'm really impressed with the border.

Koda's claiming of the kitty bed is quite sweet. It lets her be near Rocky and of comfort, but in her own space. It is as much a gift to him as it was originally intended in that respect, I think.