Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy 200th Post

Wow! 200 posts! It's gone by so quickly.

I guess I should have had some sort of contest or drawing but this milestone snuck up on me. I just happened to notice it this morning.

Oh well, I'll do some mulling and late night impromptu internal verbalizing sometime soon and see what I can do for the next milestone.

In the meantime, fresh off the needles is . . . NOT a UFO. I know, I know, I promised myself and ya'll a finished UFO. And I really intended to do so. I carry the ribbon cardi with me all the time, planning to work on it. But the Noro Silk Garden Lite was too alluring, too compelling, too . . . aw, the heck with it. Who am I kidding! I'm fickle and unfaithful where knitting projects are concerned.

My theory is that being a full-time homeschool mom and homemaker requires an incredible amount of stick-to-it-iveness. Faithfulness to my faith, my marriage vows, my family commitments and homeschooling obligations means that my life can get incredibly demanding and rigid. The list of "have-to-do" items is overwhelming.

Ergo, where faithfulness is not necessarily required, I can let the free-spirit side of my nature have full reign. Being an artistic person, I've come to discover that giving this side of my nature a little more leeway is not just important but absolutely necessary to maintain my ability to maintain the faithfulness in the rest of my life. Give a little, take a little, if you know what I mean.

So, I'm done apologizing for my schizophrenic knitting activities. At least it makes for interesting blogging.

So meet my Noro Ripple Scarf. I kind of made up the pattern from a classic ripple stitch and alternating 4 rows of 2 different Noro colorways. I like the way it turned out but next time (and there will be a next time) I'll make the scarf narrower and longer.

As far as my next FO - who knows. I'm letting my hair down and going with the flow.


livnletlrn said...

Ha ha ha...we both basically gave up, admitted our weaknesses, and went with a "love it or leave it" style this week!


And BTW, Leah's going to love that scarf. (I'll show her when she gets home from Six Flags.) She's a raging Noro fan lately.

Guinifer said...

Heh-he - you're a funny gal. I've put myself on seaming duty this week so I can actually have some wearable FO's to show off (besides socks). The fingers are itchin' for the needles though.

The Noro is really pretty - I've kind of given up on the Noro since my last Booga Bag - I may have to nose some out.

Sheepish Annie said...

Hey, knitting is a hobby, right? When it becomes an obligation then where's the fun? I say knit what you like! And with the holidays on the far horizon, we'll all be doing a great deal of must-do knitting soon. Let's enjoy the freedom of summer while we can!

Love, love, love the scarf! I think it's all the prettier for being something you *wanted* to make instead of something you *had* to make.

Rani said...

OOOOooooooooohhhh. It's so beautiful! You see, it takes an artistic person to push the envelope - to think outside the box. I think in the box - rectangles - and I would never have thought to use two different colors. I absolutely LOVE it and I'll have to copy you . . . if that's ok.

Happy 200!! Woo hoo!