Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Knitting

One aspect of blogging about knitting that I find a little frustrating is the fact that some projects just take a long time to complete. While I knit (or work on other fiber arts) daily, sometimes the progress seems so slow that I feel uncomfortable posting about it.

Case in point: Daddy's afghan. I started this project a couple weeks ago. I firmly believed that using Homespun Yarn by Lion Brand and size 9 needles would make this project just flow from the needles at a record pace.

Hmmmph! Why I was so naive, I have no clue. I've knitted numerous afghans before and should have remembered how long they actually do take to finish. Not to mention the physical strain of wrangling yards of afghan in the heat of summer while wrestling with needles that feel like logs.

So, initially, I put off posting about it because the first inches of progress seemed so inconsequential. As the afghan progressed, I was still hesitant to post because it was obvious that there were still hours and hours yet to knit before I was even close to being finished. If I posted an early photo, then I'd feel guilty not updating the blog on my progress but would also dislike being repetitive - "Still working on afghan," "made progress on afghan," "Finished a few more inches on the afghan," etc. Yada, yada, yada.

The approaching deadline for completion on this project pushed me into overdrive this weekend, though. The afghan went with us in the car to Taylor's Falls on Thursday, which gave me several hours of travel knitting time. It has been worked on in the early hours of Friday morning, when I couldn't sleep. And it was worked on Sunday afternoon and evening, while I enjoyed a marathon of old movies on TCM. All in all, about 36 inches has been completed since July 4th. I still have a ton of knitting left to do, but at least the progress is finally blog-worthy.

Oh, and a FO managed to work it's way off the needles this weekend as well. While supervising the kids at the Mall of America Amusement Park on Friday, I worked on the second pair of Hubby Socks (trailing an afghan around would have just been ridiculous). It is amazing how much knitting you can get done while watching kids wait in line for rides.

Sock details: Charade pattern, modified to toe-up pattern using Socks That Rock lightweight in Black Onyx on size 1 Knit Picks needles, working two at a time with the Magic Loop method.

Oh, and I solemnly promise to try not to be overly repetitive with progress reports on Daddy's Afghan. Maybe. Or not. Whatever.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Well, I'm impressed! I've never attempted to knit something THAT big!

Sheepish Annie said...

You've sort of hit on something I've been thinking lately. I hate to do progress reports, particularly on those things that are a bit challenging. What if I can't finish it??? But then I am left with nothing to show. Oh, the pressure!

Hence, everyone gets updates on the state of my potato salad and truck repairs. Hrrumph.

But the afghan is lovely and was certainly worth the wait. And we had some awfully nice looking knitting to look at in the interim!

livnletlrn said...

That's a LOT of knitting! I hear you on trying to avoid boring progress updates. You could always do what I do and blog about what someone ELSE in the family made lately. Or you could say that's why you have many WIPs at a time, to prevent blog bogginess. ;-)