Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Sometimes, you just gotta believe in a higher power.

I was on the phone with BFF Jewels this afternoon, talking about my upcoming, self-directed 20th Anniversary spending spree yarn shop hop. I made the wistful comment that I probably should wait to do the shop hop until one of the gnomes arrived, so I could take him around with me, but it would be hard to wait since the money was burning a hole in my pocketbook.

No sooner than the words were out of my mouth than the doorbell rang. I leaped out of the chair, sensing something wonderful was about to happen.

Sure enough, Gnorm had arrived, bearing some stunning gifts. I suspect that I've either given BFF serious gnome envy or she suffered hearing loss from hearing my squeal over the phone lines as I ripped into the box.

I'm almost afraid to cast on with the Rowan Summer Tweed Tara sent, it is so soft and squishy. It may spoil me for all other cotton yarns. The beads coordinate with the yarn perfectly, so I'll just have to come up with a pattern that incorporates the beads, too. What do you think of a beaded beret for fall?

The sheep tape measure is going to come in so handy. I usually carry a fabric tape measure but it's awkward to use because it always needs to be rewound and kept fastened with a rubber band. This little sheep (now named Annie) is going in my favorite knitting bag and staying there.

The deck of cards are a welcome gift, too, since Hockeyboy borrowed my one full set of cards to take to camp and they never returned. I'm hiding these to save for the next get together with my favorite Hearts playing friends. The notebook will also need to be tucked away because I have some little artists in this house that will commandeer it, if I don't take measures to protect it from their marauding hands. (I love my kids but they can be little pirates.)

The stitch markers are much smaller and daintier than the ones I made for myself, so they will be ideal for sock and lace knitting. So lovely!

Last but not least, the chocolate and tea are both welcome edible gifts. I'm fighting the temptation to gobble the chocolate down right away. After all, I ate a massive celebratory feast last night and it's going to take a week to burn off the excess calories from that meal. I wish you all had "smell-a-blogger" because it is such a heavenly smelling orange and dark chocolate bar. Add that to the peppermint tea and it's enough to make your mouth water.

Now I've got some gnome sightseeing to supervise. Stay tuned . . .


Sheepish Annie said...

Hee-hee! A sheep named Annie!! How fun...I have the same one in white. It is a great little knitting accessory and an honor to have my name attached to it.

Loved the shawl picture from the last post! I just knew you were gonna make it. Just knew it!

RandomRanter said...

Glad Gnorm arrived safely, he is a fabulous guest. And I'm glad you like the goodies he brought. I feel I must warn you that Gnorm can be a dangerous influence in a yarn shop. (It was all his fault. Really.)

Guinifer said...

Don't forget the sidewalk sale over at Coldwater starting tomorrow. Lots of good deals...

Tenniel said...

Ok I will show my ignorance here - what is the significance of the gnome?

By the way I love playing hearts! We will have to play sometime. Does DH play because the 4 of us should play sometime if he does.

Rani said...

I'm jealous! How fun - what a creative crazy thing to do!