Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meet Dragonslayer

Yesterday saw the completion of the second Pomatomus sock. Since Hockeyboy was watching Star Trek Voyager with me at the time, he snagged them and tried them on and promptly pronounced them his. The roomy heel, combined with the extraordinary stretchiness of this lace pattern meant that they fit him like a glove . . . er, I mean, a sock.

Being the free spirited knitter that I am, instead of sticking to my goal of knocking off some UFO's, I cast on the hat for Hockeyboy. He is into the Eragon book series right now, so converting this to a dragon scale pattern was a no-brainer. I'm nearing the end of the first pattern repeat and it's going fast.

Hockeyboy has visions of snowboarding in this hat dancing in his head. And it's still July. Go figure.

And I vow to finish a UFO next . . . honest!


Sheepish Annie said...

Well...I guess thinking of snowboarding could help cool everyone off a bit in the summer heat. When I see socks and hats, though, I tend to think of digging my car out of a snowbank. Bleh.

But that is some good lookin' snow shoveling gear, I must say!

Guinifer said...

Those hockey players - they love their cold weather sports! Guess I'm going to have to cast on Puck's winter hat pretty soon - he'll be lookin' for it at the first snowboard lesson. That is, if he ever recovers from playing Lacrosse this weekend. (The pattern is completely Eragon - did you guys like the movie? We were a little disappointed in our house.)

Rani said...

Love the socks! What a cool pattern. the "slip 2, slip them back and k 3 together" thingy looks a bit confusing to me.

By the way, I am still using the awesome stitch markers on my jaywalker socks. They are so much prettier than safety pins! Thanks again!

Tonyia said...

I love the hat! Nothing like waylaying your UFO plans for some immediate startitis gratification, is there?!

By the way - do I see a knitpicks purply cable on your circular needle?