Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a way to start an Anniversary!

I woke up and checked messages this morning and guess what I found! A nomination from Guinifer for this:

I am so humbled.

Guess I'm supposed to nominate 5 favorite bloggers, too, so here goes.

First, one of the earliest blogs I found and bookmarked was Live and Let Learn! If you think I've got the whole knitting homeschooler thing down, you gotta check this talented lady out. And she is a world traveler, too, which is something I'd love to be.

Next, Sheepish Annie has to be named. She is the blogger who is responsible for 95% of the coffee coming out of my nose most mornings. This lady should write books, although I'm sure if she did, incidences of laughter-induced urinary incontinence would skyrocket.

My favorite photographer/blogger has to be Riverrim. She takes such wonderful pictures of so many different things on her walks and she's also a talented spinner and knitter. I'm a devoted Lurker.

The next nominee is the only blogger I've actually met (besides Rani, who was already nominated by Guinifer): Lazy Daisy Knits. She rocks because she's not only a knitter but a tri-athlete, which was another goal of mine (albeit pretty unlikely).

Last, but not least is a blogger I almost met at Shepherd's Harvest. She was taking a class at the station next to the hand-dying class and I kept sneaking peaks at what they were doing because it was so fascinating. When a comment appeared on my blog the next week, I was flabbergasted because I recognized her from the photo on her blog. So (drum roll) check out Twenty Acres and No Sheep. She definitely rocks.

Well, off to attempt to finish the weaving on my shawl before tonight's festivities. It's looking pretty hopeless but I wouldn't be me if I didn't make a pathetically desperate attempt at meeting an impossible goal, all in the name of 20 years of married love.


Sheepish Annie said...

Happy Anniversary! I like to think that the shawl will be done. I'm something of a hopeless romantic that way...

Now I'm off to be all Rockin'! Thanks for the nod and for the kind words. And, um...sorry about all that coffee. I love coffee and hate to think that it is being wasted.

BTW: Mommy Sheep is binding off her very first quilt! Yay!!

cyndy said...

Happy 20th! And as for that shawl, good things take time, right?

And thanks for including me~ it is nice to know that you are out there lurking!

humbledaisy1@hotmail.com said...

Happy Anniversary! So, are you taking that shawl (and your DH) anyplace romantic for your big date? Actually, sometimes it's just nice to get out for a drive! And thanks for the nomination: we'll have to find a sheep festival closer to you sometime to meet up and have an ice tea.

Ellen said...

And ice that wrist!

Rani said...

Happy 20th! You don't look like you've been married for 20 yrs!

QUESTION: Can I do a single stitch cable? (or two total?)(for a stocking down the back) - so . . . p,p,slip stitch to cable needle, knit, knit slip stitch p, p

or will I have to do more stitches than that. And THEN, how many rows do I knit in between?

Tonyia said...

Well, what a treat! Thank you for the nomination! I'm tickled pink! Looks like you had a romantic evening, and getting the shawl done was an added bonus. It's really lovely, and I'd love to have a big triangle loom like that. GOOD JOB!