Friday, September 15, 2006

And the stockinette goes on and on and on . . .

No knitterly pictures, no FO's, no charming or horrifying or sad or otherwise stories to explain the lack of pictures and FO's. Just stockinette purgatory and the finishing blues. I've got the "So close I can taste it - Close but no cigar - Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and women" blues.

I'm finishing a felted purse for DD#1's best friend who moved to Texas this summer. Her birthday is next week and because she is homeschooled and hasn't plugged into the local homeschool group and church yet, hasn't enough friends to have a birthday party. So we're putting together a care package to send to her. But I've only gotten the "Beth" in "Bethany" embroidered on the flap of the bag done and then it needs to be lined. So no FO yet.

I've reached the armholes on Samus and am about 4 inches up the right front now. Stockinette goes much faster when it's only 46 stitches, instead of 216. It's getting huge and harder transport, so I'm torn between making it my work at home project or getting a bigger project bag out and continuing to drag it everywhere in an attempt to finish it as fast as possible. As a compromise, I'm contemplating starting the cable bands for the arms soon, just to have something more portable to work on while out and about.

Fetching is just sitting, since Awana is starting next week and I really wanted to have Samus for when the cold weather sets in. As Secretary for T&T, I sit just inside some double doors to check kids in and I usually freeze my tookus off. My handknit socks and winter boots or fur-lined clogs take care of my feet but I've lacked a sweater that really looked good with the kelly green uniform shirt I'm required to wear for Awana. The heathered denim colored yarn I selected for Samus should work to tone down the green of the uniform, without violating the dress code of Awana.

The Autumn Colors Bag is dry and ready for embellishment and a handle. I've fussed with the leaves I created but am starting to rethink the idea a little. I found some lovely embroidery ideas in Nicky Epstein's book Knitted Embellishments that are stirring up my imagination. I need to do some sketching, since the field I need to embellish is only 4" x 18". So I'm letting some thoughts simmer a little before jumping in on the finishing of that project.

DD#3 socks are just sitting, too, because I'm bored with socks at the moment, although I'm nearly ready to start the gusset. She is really anxious for me to finish them and she is such a little elfin thing, it won't take long, so I may just buckle down and knock them off my list this weekend.

Now, to add to my knitterly depression, has to come out with their fall issue. (Side note: I figured out how to add their button to my sidebar - wheee!) Of course, to tempt me, they have Diamante which are delightful little socks which look somewhat cably without a cable needle in sight. Talk about genius! These will be the first socks I cast on for myself, after gift socks are done. I have some black sock yarn that is just crying out for this pattern. But I will be virtuous and finish the gift socks and my UFO's first. Cablenet is another clever cable sock that doesn't necessarily require a cable needle that I may attempt at some point but probably only after the holidays and if I'm having a particularly brave or reckless day. They are totally lovely but look far too complicated for this addled and distracted homeschool mom. And as usual, the articles are wonderful. The one on shortening patterns was especially apropos for me, since I have to alter things all the time, being on the petite side and having 3 petite daughters (actually 2 petite and 1 truly elfin-sized daughter). So, as usual, before I get a chance to finish any of my UFO's from their previous issues, they just have to put out a new issue with new temptations and I just HATE them!

Okay, not really. I love I just hate my lack of time and the ability to "get 'er done." I think I need to go knit something.

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