Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scenery, Socktoberfest and the Same old, Same old.

I didn't get out to the highways and byways today to capture the prairie grasses or the color of ripening soybeans but I did snap a few shots outside the dance studio while waiting for my girls to get out of dance class. I love the color of the sumac this time of year.

The rose is the last one on the shrub outside the studio. It was so beautiful and perfect, I tried to take a nice photo of it, ala January One but I fear I'll never measure up to her level of photographic perfection. Her header alone is worth the visit to her blog.

Onto knitting news. I've been debating joining Socktoberfest. Since I'm on a mission to make socks for Christmas gifts anyway, it seems like a great way to get some motivation to keep powering through the to do list. But I've never done a KAL or joined an online anything before (except the Haiku contest - oi, what a fiasco) and my fear of doing new things is really holding me back. And, if I sign up, that means I have the pressure of being accountable to someone else. A whole lot of someone else's. Like over 800 someone else's. Yikes!

Sockwise, I did cast on two more Widdershins with the Dancing sock yarn from Knit Picks. I've finished the toe shaping and am onto the foot. I decided to stick with the same Gull Wing lace pattern from my Flying Purple Widdershins, just because I have the lace pattern memorized and it makes the socks a little more stretchy. I'm doing two at once again, just to cement the process in the old grey cells. These will be gifts, so the lacy pattern will look impressive without taxing my already stressed mental state any further.

Wow, am I boring or what. I'm too chicken to join Socktoberfest and I'm in a sock rut and, although I haven't brought it up here yet, I'm still in stockinette purgatory with Samus. Well, at least there are a couple pictures in this post, even if they're not fiber related. Well, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and something really wonderful will happen and I'll have something more interesting to post. In the meantime, I'll just have to dream about fascinating fiber stuff. Nighty-night.

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