Sunday, September 03, 2006

slow knitting news

Not much that's picture worthy in the knitting world. To slightly modify a phrase from Lime and Violet's podcast, I'm in stockinette purgatory on Samus. I just finished my second skein of yarn. It's a good t.v. project but mind-numbingly boring otherwise. I have switched to the the Addi Turbos with no discernible demarcation in the knitting gauge but the new needles are giving me a new problem. Although I'm using 40" circulars, the needles are still slightly shorter than the width of the entire body of the sweater, so if I set the knitting down without the point protectors, the stitches fall off - both ends. Argggggh! Very slippery needles = fast knitting but dropped stitches if I forget to use tip protectors. Doh!

I've started the heel flap on the second dancing Widdershin. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the weekend. The next pair of socks will be attempted concurrently, my first try at two socks at once. I'm going to end up with enough leftover yarn from each skein of sock yarn to make kid socks, so I may experiment by making DD#3 a pair of little socks. She's growing so fast, they probably won't fit long but they also won't take long to make, either.

Non-knitting news - I managed to strain my calf at kickboxing yesterday. Totally sucks because it means at least a week, maybe two, without exercise. I used to struggle with calf strains a few years ago. I thought I had the problem corrected but was a little late to class and jumped in without warming up properly and the calf just popped. I finished the class with some modifications but I'm hurting today. Lots of heat, gentle stretching, massage, and essential oils for the next week. Bummer, major. Upside, lots of couch time with my knitting and kids who will be doing extra chores and waiting on me hand and foot. Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess.

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