Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a confession to make . . . I like Project Runway. I managed to resist the show for two years but I recently became addicted to this seasons shows. Having grown up wanting to be a costume designer for theater, I can just so relate to the dreams of these people, even if I can't understand some of the other aspects of their lives. Being a Christian homeschooling stay-at-home mom, some of the lifestyle choices these people have made are so foreign to me that I just cock my head to one side and go, "Huh????" But I so totally get the dreams. I watch them fly back and forth from their work tables to their machines and see them agonize over their design decisions and watch them try and justify something they know deep down inside is a poor choice but, dang, they don't have time to change it, so they, "Make it work!" I can't tell you how many all nighters I pulled trying to get a costume for a show pulled together that wasn't working but I didn't have time to do anything different. Ughhh! What memories this program is bringing back. I have to say, this makes for riveting t.v. for me.

What is funniest about it is my 7 yo DD#2 , who is most like me in personality (though not looks, oddly enough) first started watching the show and immediately started critiquing the clothes. And she uses the right language and has remarkably great taste - well, let's say her taste coincides with my taste. For instance, when Jeffrey's recycled newspaper/magazine dress started down the runway, her comments were, "It moves well, I like the cut and color and the belt is really nice. That one is my favorite."

So I say a sad farewell to Vincent, who left the show last night. I liked the fact that he knew how to make a pattern and tailor an outfit. What he lacked in pizzazz he made up for in technique and sophistication.

On the knitting front, I'm bored, bored, bored, bored . . . Stockinette purgatory continues, both on the sock front and Samus and the Autumn Bag. I have three sides done of the Autumn bag and I'm 1/2 way up the fourth. I'm actually "seaming" as I go by P2tog/SSK with the finished edge of the front and back as I knit up the side. These are the insides of the sides and I intend to pick up and knit an outside pocket as well. But it's just boring old stockinette stitch and I'm bored out of my skull with it. So I'm thinking about sneaking out and having an affair.

Just a little affair. A quickie, really. Remember the yarn I picked up a few weeks ago? The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino? After all, what's the harm. I deserve something warm and soft to keep me warm during hockey season, right? I'll finish more UFO's if I have something to keep me warm at the rink. Right?

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