Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pictures worth a thousand words (I hope)

Here are a couple photos that will help those visual people see what I was trying to convey in words in my last post. This is my first attempt at altering photos with text. So it took me awhile to get it right.

In the first photo, the long needle is curving back on itself but it is indeed lying parallel with the shorter needle. Don't let the direction of the feet of the socks fool you, either. I just twisted them to aid in the composition of the photo layout. In reality, the shorter needle holds the front stitches and the long needle holds the sole/heel stitches.

In the second photo, I've attempted to spread things out and show where one sock knitting ends and the other begins in a logical fashion.

I'm sure that there is a book out there that shows this information in a better way, with fantastic photos and/or diagrams but this is how I reinvented the wheel by just experimenting and figuring it out as I went. Had I not been on a fiber fast (which includes books and periodicals and anything else that costs cash) I would have ran to my LYS and bought several books and learned the right way to do things and recommended the same books to my friends and fellow bloggers with great gusto. Alas, I had to slog through this on my own. Thus, here is my attempt at an explanation.

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livnletlrn said...

A-HA! It's all so clear now! I actually "got it" with the written description, but the pics really did help to clarify and confirm -- big thanks for the extra effort! I knew the best way to learn it was to quit thinking about it and just DO IT, but now there's no question in my mind about the mechanics. As a matter of fact, while at a picnic-party today, I started a toe-up 2nd sock of a pair, planning to get it up past the heel-turn (which is where I am with its twin) and then load 'em both on 2 circs. Pics to know where. :-)