Monday, September 18, 2006

What not to Wear

This isn't really a rant, just a "What were they thinking" kind of thing. Maybe I'm just weird but I don't get the whole words on the back of shorts/sweats idea. If you're a parent, why would you want people looking at that part of your daughter's anatomy? If your married, does your DH want other men looking at that part of your anatomy? And if you're single and and don't have the perfect a*#, why would you draw attention to that part of your body?

Case in point, my family and I were on our way to church in our van yesterday and we saw a lovely couple with a stroller out enjoying a sunny, brisk fall morning. The only thing that spoiled the idyllic vision of this family was the rather large word swaying back and forth on her less than perfect hindquarters. Now, I'm not sure when she gave birth and am willing to give her as much grace as possible to get her figure back on her time schedule. The Lord knows I'm still working on it nearly 6 years after my last baby. But is it necessary to wear a bumper sticker to draw the eyes directly to a problem area?

The bumper sticker idea got the old creative juices flowing, so, I came up with a list of the top 5 things not to wear on the back of your pants if your rear end is . . . well, let's just say less than perfect.

5) Wide Load

4) your phone number

3) (in little letters) Stop Staring!

2) This Space For Rent


*or an ad for any diet plan unless there is a disclaimer "You should see how fat I used to be!" or a before and after picture.

Just sayin!

The Elfin Widdershins are done and photos will go up once the sun is up and I can get some photos taken. I'm onto the Fetching wristlets because I attended my DS's last fall hockey game last night and really, really wished that they were done and on my hands. BRRRR! I'll also be back to Samus and will probably cast on another pair of Christmas socks or some felted slippers soon. Need to keep going on Christmas stuff. With the cooler weather, the internal pressure starts to build . . . must make Christmas stuff, must make Christmas stuff.

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