Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Elfin Widdershin Photos and Misc.

Here are the completed Elfin Widdershins. We were heading out for dance, so we slipped them on over tights and tried a little dance pose to show the heel construction. Tendus a la seconde!

The other two photos are of my little knitting and blogging companion. Photo one is if she's been fed before I begin blogging in the morning. Photo two is if she hasn't been fed before I begin blogging. Believe me, that stare is potent and very guilt-provoking. If the stare doesn't work, then she starts a sabotage campaign and walks across the keyboard, swishes her tail in my face and makes herself generally obnoxious until I remember to feed her. Then she's all sweetness and purrs again until the next time hunger strikes.

Fetching is progressing nicely, nearing the thumb. Also, I'm handing off a little baby gift to a friend tonight, so I can post the picture tomorrow. A very simple cotton blanket in an easy 4-stitch, reversible pattern. I've had it done for months and months but don't like to post pictures until after the gift has been given, just in case mommy is peeking. Just a teaser . . .

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Sheepish Annie said...

Widdershins look great!!! Would say more, but for some reason I'm feeling a strange urge to go feed my cats...it's like I'm being compelled!