Monday, September 25, 2006

Home again

Home again but without anything picture worthy. I did finish one of the Fetching mitts but when I tried it on, it was a little smaller than I'd hoped. So this pair will go to my soon-to-be 12 yo DD. It took the wind out of my sails enough to send me scurrying back to work on Samus. I did finish the right side and get me nearly finished with the back of Samus. It ended up being the perfect project to work on while visiting with family on our very quick trip to Iowa, since it is mostly mindless stockinette, with a few decreases for armhole shaping thrown in for interest.

I have to admit that I was kicking myself as I drove all the way home from Iowa, though. I had left the camera home and I was wishing every 1/2 mile that I had it. It was a lovely, sunny day and the colors of the turning grasses and foliage in the ditches were stunning. Now, admittedly, it's a little early for the trees to be at their peak. But I am a huge fan of the prairie grasses and the variety of plants in the ditches along the roadways of Iowa are surprising. And when they begin turning colors in the fall, it can be quite lovely. The range of colors from vivid green to pale chartreuse to coppery gold to deep russet reds. When you throw in the goldenrod and blackeyed Susan and some lovely purple flowers I can't put a name to, there were some truly lovely scenes I was dying to photograph. Compound that with the fact that I happen to love the color of ripening soybeans (call me crazy but that coppery russet shade with an underlying pale green peaking through is divine) and that as a backdrop to the lovely colors of the ditches was driving me wild.

I'm tempted to take my camera and go on a road trip by myself one morning this week and see if I can't capture a few photographs of these ditches and soybean fields before the elusive fall color passes. I'd love to try and recreate the colorway in a fair isle sweater, too, but fear that my skill is far too feeble. Only God can mix a palette like that and pull it off. But I can be so thankful that He gave me something so lovely to look at on a very long and tedious drive home. PTL!

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Sheepish Annie said...

Oh do please take some pictures! I love to travel via the internet and what you're describing sounds gorgeous. Enjoy the season!